Understanding and Supporting Autism

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Autism is now thought to affect around 700,000 people in the Uk that’s more than 1 in 100 of the population. However, experts think this may be higher due to misdiagnosis and those who have the condition but do not obtain a formal diagnosis.

Over 60 year ago, Leo Kanner first described a specific pattern of abnormal behaviour as ‘early infantile autism’.

From that moment there have been many studies carried out on Autism by professionals such as Hans Aspergers and Lorna Wing.

Support in Autism has come along way since the early 1940s with the introduction of the Autism Act 2009 in the UK and a much larger public image with celebrities and notable figures now ‘coming out’ as Autistic.

This course explores the basis of understanding Autism, what difficulties there could be for someone on the Autism Spectrum, Understanding behaviour and heightened emotional states as well as the senses, before finishing off looking at a framework you can use to support someone on the spectrum.

This course concludes with an assessment to check your understanding of the subjects looked at during the course and is required to obtain your certificate of completion.


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