Girls on the Spectrum

Why is it that we know a lot about the presentation of autism in boys, yet comparatively little about these conditions in girls? Although girls presenting with autism were noted by Kanner as far back as the 1940s, past research on autism has mostly focused on boys.

Kopp (2010) has attributed this situation to the prevalence of developmental disorders in males coupled with a much higher rate of clinical referral in males.  Could it also be that they weren’t being picked up because the presentation of autism in girls differs from that in boys?​

The triad of impairment manifests more subtly in most girls on the spectrum and this may have contributed to many not getting their diagnosis of autism until they are teenagers. Not only does this mean that they and their families may have missed out on potential supports, it is also a particularly difficulty for them to receive a diagnosis at a time when they are having to cope with the challenges of adolescence.​

Thankfully, awareness of girls with autism is increasing and this is reflected in a growth in recent publications.​

This course explores the differences in the presentation of Autism in Males and Females, as well as looking at the best way to support through life, relationships and puberty.


On completing this course you will:

  • Be able to explain the differences between Males and Females who are affected by an Autism Spectrum Condition
  • Be able to explain the difficulties in diagnosing females with an Autism Spectrum Disorder and be able to identify when these issues may present a problem in obtaining the correct health support.
  • Be able to distinguish the difficulties that a female on the Autism Spectrum may have when going through puberty and adolescents and how these impact on the formation of both romantic and platonic relationships.
  • Be able to identify the specific mental Health issues that affect females on the spectrum, and how we can detect these at the earliest opportunity
  • Look at what the future holds for Girls on the spectrum as they move into adulthood and the workplace

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  • 10/11/2020
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