The Autism Information Day

Thank you for all the support this event has received we have reached over 100,000 people and had over 3,000 people register their interest from around the globe. To ensure that the event can run and we don’t crash the website we are going to have to close registration for this event, but do not worry. All the talks and the Virtual Marketplace will be available for 14 days after the event. Just visit our website from the 19th November to access the event platform.

Thank you

ASD Helping Hands

The Autism Information Day is a chance for you to find out more about Autism, living with Autism and how to support those on the Spectrum. With a wide selection of services and support providers on hand as well as talks from experts in their fields there is something for everyone!

With current world events, we are unable to hold a physical Information day for you to attend so we have moved things online! You will still have access to a great variety of live talks and our virtual Market place filled with orginisations supporting those with Autism and SEND.

You can access all this from our Virtual conference page on the ASD Helping Hands website on all your devices.  Our live talks will be held via Zoom conferenceing and you can join these at the simple click of a button and the best bit, it is all completely free!

We hope to see you at our first Virual Autism Inormation Day!

Total Seat: 999

Event Schedule Details

  • 18/11/2020 9:45 am - 3:00 pm
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