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A collection fo our downloadable resources. this section is constantly updated so check back regularly.

A diagnosis can mean something different to

everyone. It may be an explanation, a

way to secure support or just provides answers.

Whether it is for someone with Autism or someone caring for someone wiht Autism you may be entitled to help.

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Autism Therapy

All behaviour is communication, but this doesn't make dealing with the challenges any easier.

Autism is fundamentally a disorder that affects how someone communicates with the world around them.

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Autism just doesn't affect someones ability to communicate it can also affect their physical and mental health.

From parents to siblings and Aunts, Uncles and Cousins. We all need support and guidance on how to support someone with Autism.

School can often be one of the most difficult times for a child with even more challenges if they have Autism.

Moving Boxes

Some individuals struggle with transitions, these could be small or life-changing events. With the correct support, we can help during these difficult times.

Group Discussion

Autism is a lifelong condition. Autistic children grom to be Autistic adults, and the challenges of being Autistic are still present.

Made up of Autistic individuals their carers, Local Authority and Charities. The Partnership board is responsible for driving Norfolk to become more Autistic friendly.

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