ASD Helping Hands offer our Lending Library free of charge  ( aprt from those detailed below) it is assumed that all users of the service are respectful towards the products on loan and return them in the condition that they were lent.

You are responsible for the collection and drop off of the items on your given date(s) at the designated support group.

We reserve the right to change, stop and add any books to the Lending Library at any point.

Loan periods will be set at 14 days although these can be extended if another member has not reserved the book/product.

Copying of Material

ASD Helping Hands wishes to remind you of the law around copying printed material:

Photocopying under "fair dealing" for private study or research 

"Fair dealing" for private study or research is one of the exceptions in the UK's Copyright, Designs and Patents Act which allow copying of copyright protected material without the permission of the copyright owner. The concept is not defined in the legislation, but the underlying idea is that the copying should benefit the individual or society without harming the interests of the copyright owner.

For “fair dealing” to apply, all of the following conditions must be met:

  • No more than a single photocopy should be produced, for the personal use of the person doing the copying. Multiple copying (e.g. by teachers for students) is not permitted under “fair dealing” for private study or research (but may be permitted under SOAS's CLA licence: see below).
  • The purpose of the copying must be non-commercial research or private study. "Non-commercial" is not defined, but is believed to rule out any copying for direct or indirect commercial advantage: e.g. copying on behalf of a private sector employer. Many writers also believe that it excludes background research for books or articles for which a fee will be paid to the author.
  • The source of the copy must be acknowledged. This means recording at least the name of the author and the title on the photocopy if this is not already included.
  • The proportion of the work that is photocopied must not be “unfair” in terms of its impact on the copyright owner.

There are no defined limits, but the amount that may be copied is usually accepted to be:

    • One complete chapter or extracts of up to 5% of a book, whichever is greater.
    • One article from an issue of a journal or a periodical (e.g. a newspaper).
    • Up to 10 pages of a poem, short story, or other short literary work, taken from a volume of short stories or poems.
    • Up to 10% (maximum 20 pages) of a short book, report or pamphlet.


There are no charges for using the Lending Library service, however if a book or product is lost, destroyed or returned in a condition that means we are no longer able to put it out for loan. If a book/product is return in the conditons listed above you will be asked to pay for the retail prices so we are able to replace the book/product.

This will be done via invoice and you will not be asked to pay in person.