We are continuing to work from home. To contact us please email us at contact@asdhelpinghands.org.uk

Young Persons Details

Medical Information

If the young person is recovering from a recent injury, (within 3 months for upper body limb & 6 months for lower body limb) fracture or operation they must have a ‘clean bill of health’ from their GP/Consultant and written notification from their parent / carer sent to the activity centre to say that the individual is fit and healthy with no existing conditions that may affect participating in activities i.e. wearing a harness, getting wet etc.
All prescribed medication is kept safe and secure by ASD Helping Hands Staff and we will ask for this when you drop your young person off. This will then be returned to you on colelction. Please ensure all medication is labelled clearly with the young persons name.

Emergency Contact Details

We require two emergency contacts to ensure we can contact someone in the case of emergency.

Emergency Contact 1

Emergency Contact 2

Additional Information

Please use this section if there is any additional information you think we need to be aware of. This could be specific challenges or difficulties that your young person has or if they know someone else on the trip they would like to share a room with. We will try to accommodate for everyone but cannot make any guarantees.