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Pre-diagnosis Support. What's that?

Pre-diagnosis support I may say to you and the normal responses I get is. What's that?

Pre-diagnosis support is so important in the support of individuals on the spectrum and their families. Unfortunately, there seems to be a major lack of this, especially in Norfolk.

That being said a trial of a new post-diagnosis support package has just been trialled and hopefully should be launched very soon. There are also a couple of other providers who provide courses but this is typically for those who already have that diagnosis of Autism for their child(ren).

So what support is out there? Although not Autism specific there are many avenues of support you can go down, here in Norfolk. With the introduction of the Children's and Family Act 2014 a child should be assessed on their level of need and not what labels or diagnosis they have, meaning that you, your family and undiagnosed autistic child can gain access to these services:

to name just a few.

But we don't think this is enough. Parents aren't clinicians or highly trained professionals. They don't know if Autism is the correct diagnosis for their child they are just trying to do their best!

SO in light of this, we, at ASD Helping Hands are proud to announce our New post and pre-diagnosis course: Just Diagnosed? A four-week workshop for those who suspect or have just received a diagnosis of Autism. This is open to both parents and carers, running for just 2 hours a week.

How much are they going to charge for that you may be asking? The answer £15.00. Yes, that's it all your course material is included as well as refreshment.

We are due to begin this course next term, beginning in Dereham and expanding out across Norfolk. Subjects we are going to cover are:

Week 1

Looking at and understanding the Train of Impairment

  • triad of impairment

  • the autism spectrum

  • Comorbid conditions and mental health

Week 2

The Anger Mountain and Managing Behaviour

  • the anger mountain

  • the brain

  • how to support behaviour

  • understanding how parenting can affect behaviour

  • ABC charts

Week 3

The Sensory World of ASD

  • the seven senses

  • hypersensitivity vs hyposensitivity

  • arousal states

  • supporting sensory difficulties

Week 4

Visual Aids and communication

  • difficulties with communication

  • using visual aids to help communication

No referral needed from a professional you can just sign up yourself through our training section on the website. We are also looking at an online version for those parents who are unable to make it to training during the week.

Dates will be released soon so keep an eye on the website.

Don't forget for today only (04/04/2019) you can download any of our resources from the shop absolutly free by using the code 'ASDaware'

Help us reach our fundraising goal of £4000.00 to help support those affected by Autism. You can donate now by texting ASDHH to 70085 to donate £5.00 or click here for more ways to support us.

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