ASD Helping Hands Resource Booklet Collection


After Diagnosis

Information guide for parents and carers of children, young people and adults on the Autistic Spectrum, including assistance in getting a diagnosis and pre-diagnosis support

Appropriate Touch

Activity resource for parents, carers, children and young people to keep them safe when dealing with inappropriate and appropriate touch

Benefits and Grants

A simple guide to entitlements, how to apply, criteria, where to get help and an insight into universal credit


An information guide with specific links to support available in Norfolk, including diagnosis

Pathological Demand Avoidance

An information guide with specific links to support available in Norfolk, including diagnosis

Speciual Educational Needs

SEN information guide specific for ASD and co-morbid conditions and specific to Norfolk’s frameworks (including local offer information, information on schools, information on specialist provision)

Behaviour Management

An 80-page Resource looking at behaviour Management and Strategies around ASD and related conditions.

Written in conjunction with Louise Somner – Behaviour Advisor & Specialist Teacher.

Social Care Norfolk

Information guide outlining the social care system in Norfolk

The Brain and the World

Information guide outlining ‘Mixed Neurodevelopmental Disorder’ where a child has traits of ASD, ADHD, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia and a mental health (i.e. OCD/Anxiety)


Information guide around sensory issues related to toileting/assistance with constipation, enuresis and other toileting concerns

NICE Guidelines

A guide to the key points laid out in the NICE Guidelines concerned with ASD


This resource looks at the links between ADHD and ASD, while offering practical strategies and the theory around these to help manage a child/young person who has difficulties within these areas

Complaints and Advocacy

A guide to the complaint’s procedures within Norfolk as well as advice on making a complaint and the correct ways to escalate complaints.

School Refusal

This resource looks at the reasons why a child may refusal school and the strategies available to ensure each child receive the education they need and at the appropriate levels required.

This is a downloadable zip file contain 14 separate pdf files.

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ASD Helping Hands Resource Booklet Collection

400 pages of SEN Resources

A complete set of our resource booklets containing 14 booklets on a selection of ASD and SEN issues.