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PIP (Personal Independence Payment) is a disability benefit to help meet the additional cost of someone with a disability over the age of 16.

It is not based on diagnosed condition but on how that condition impacts someones daily life and mobility. Therefore someone with the same condition as you may get a different level of disability benefit on how their condition impacts them specifically.

How much can I get?

PIP is split into two components Mobility and Care. Each component is then split into two levels either Standard or Enhanced payments.

Standard - £59.70
Enhanced - £89.15

Standard - £23.60
Enhanced - 62.25

How to claim
In order to claim PIP, you will need to contact DWP to request a claim form, for full details on this process and what evidence you will need please click here

Filling in the claim form

The form will ask you several questions but the majority fo this will be related to your Daily Living Activities. There are 12 of these 10 for your Care needs and 2 for Mobility.

Daily Living Activities - Care

  • preparing food
  • eating and drinking
  • managing your treatments
  • washing and bathing
  • managing toilet needs or incontinence
  • dressing and undressing
  • communicating verbally 
  • reading and understanding written information
  • mixing with others
  • making decisions about money

Daily Living Activities - Mobility

  • planning and following journeys
  • moving around

These will be used to assess the level of need you require and what payments you should receive.

It is important to get help in completing this form if you are unsure of any area.

Once this claim form has been submitted you will be asked to attend a face to face medical assessment. It is important you take someone with you to this appointment that knows your difficulties and can support you through this process.

DWP (Department of Work and Pensions) will then assess your claim and determine whether you will receive a payment or not.

If you do not agree with their decision then you will be told of ways that you can appeal in the letter along with the decision.

Help Completing the Form

Citizens Advice Bureau has a step by step guide to PIP and ideas of what you need to put into each section of the claim form

You can find their advice by clicking here