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Many people are not diagnosed as Autistic in their childhood years, this can be for a number of reasons but a diagnosis during Adulthood can create a sense of relief and an ability to accept yourself and explain the reasons for your difficulties in your life so far.

There are many reasons Autistic Adults seek a diagnosis:


-Explanation and understanding

-a way to seek extra support at work or University

-to be able to fully understand themselves

and many others

Autism Service Norfolk

Within Norfolk the Adult diagnostic service is known as Autism Service Norfolk.

Autism Service Norfolk is an NHS employed service funded by Norfolk County Council. It provides a gateway for diagnosis of adults 18+ with suspected autism without a learning disability. It is also able to provide some pre and post diagnostic support around the diagnosis. Autism Service Norfolk does not provide any mental health or social care support or management.

This service provide a diagnoistic pathway for adults over the age of 18 without a learning disability.

Refferals can be fromt he indivudla or by a health care professional. However your GP must be made aware ofthe refferal for it to be accepted.

Contact details

Norwich Community Hospital, Bowthorpe Road, Norwich NR2 3TU

T: 01603 272257

E: asnreferralsandenquiries@nchc.nhs.uk