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Getting a diagnosis of Autism as a child can be beneficial as it allows:

- Parents and Carers to understand their child's needs and how to get help

-Get support in school

-Get support for parents/carers including financial support

-Understand their child's behaviour and difficulties

Most children do not receive their diagnosis until the age of 4 (or 6 years for ADD/ADHD)

Assessments need to be NICE compliant and take consideration of behaviour from two different environments, normally and educational setting and home. 

Getting a Diagnosis

If you think your child may have Autism it is best to speak directly to your GP or health professional, this could also be a health visitor and ask for a referral for an Autism Assessment.


The NHS website has some useful information when asking for an Autism Assessment for your child,


Trouble getting a Diagnosis

If you are having trouble getting a diagnosis you can :

-ask for another opinion from a different GP

- contact our Autism Information and Advice Service, wherein some circumstance we can contact your GP on your behalf to discuss

-you can also seek support from others who have been in a similar situation to yourself