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Trying to get a referral for a diagnosis can be difficult and once you have been referred the waiting times can be long. During this period yours or your child's difficulties do not go away. This is often the most difficult time when you are waiting for answers and not sure where to turn.

When waiting for a diagnosis or assessment there are several things you can do:

Seek support from other parents

The best type of support comes through those who have been through the process or those who have similar difficulties. You may want to access support groups or find a social media platform where you can talk to others share your experiences, listen and get advice from those in a similar position.

Research and learn

Use this time to learn and educate yourself on Autism, what it means and the typical difficulties that those on the spectrum face on a daily basis. there are many websites and books available that help you do this. Just make sure that the resources you are using are credible and from a reliable source. We recommend either the National Autistic Society or the NHS website.

Try some Autism Strategies

Just because you haven't received a diagnosis of Autism doesn't mean you can't try some of the approach used for those with Autism. Look into sensory strategies and behaviour strategies as well as mindfulness exercises to help manage Mental health Issues.

Ask your Educational/Work setting for support

Ask your employer or headteachers fro support. let them know what you struggle with, how you can help and if they can put this into place for you. this is known as a Reasonable Adjustment.

Ask your Local Authority for support

Your Local Authority should be able to provide support, normally in the form of a Family Support Worker. Check your Local Authorities Local Offer to see what they offer and how to access this.