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The Proprioceptive system senses our positioning in the world. It allows us to know where our body parts are without looking at them. it is our sense of body awareness.

Try clapping your hands with your eyes close. Did you manage it? if not you may have some difficulties with your proprioceptive sense

Our body awareness system tells us where our bodies are in space, and how different body parts are moving. 


  • stands too close to others, because they cannot measure their proximity to other people and judge personal space

  • finds it hard to navigate rooms and avoid obstructions

  • may bump into people. 

You could help by: 

  • positioning furniture around the edge of a room to make navigation easier

  • using weighted blankets to provide deep pressure

  • putting coloured tape on the floor to indicate boundaries

  • using the 'arm's-length rule' to judge personal space - this means standing an arm's length away from other people. 


  • difficulties with fine motor skills, eg manipulating small objects like buttons or shoe laces

  • moves whole body to look at something. 

You could help by offering 'fine motor' activities like lacing boards.