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Our Vestibular system is responsible for detecting movement and how our body reacts against gravity. It provides our sense of balance, orientates us within our enviroment and affects many skills such as:

  • 'gross' motor skills or larger body movements such as walking, sitting, running and other activities
  • 'fine' motor skills or smaller body moevments such as writing, using forks and spoons, tying shoelaces or buttoning a shirt


  • a need to rock, swing or spin to get some sensory input. 

You could encourage activities that help to develop the vestibular system. This could include using rocking horses, swings, roundabouts, seesaws, catching a ball or practising walking smoothly up steps or curbs. 


  • difficulties with activities like sport, where we need to control our movements

  • difficulties stopping quickly or during an activity

  • car sickness 

  • difficulties with activities where the head is not upright or feet are off the ground. 

You could help by breaking down activities into small, more easily manageable steps and using visual cues such as a finish line.