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Direct payments are normally available if you: have been assessed as needing services under health and personal social services legislation. have a disability and are aged 16 or over (including disabled parents) are a carer aged 16 or over, including people with parental responsibility for a child with disabilities

For more information on Direct Payments and their uses please click here

Norfolk County Council is under a duty to make a direct payment where:

  •  the person appears to the responsible authority to be capable of managing a direct
    payment by themselves or with such assistance as may be available to them;
  • the person consents to the making of a direct payment (local authorities cannot insist
    that a person has a direct payment);
  •  the responsible authority is satisfied that the person’s need for the relevant service
    can be met by securing the provision of it by means of a direct payment;
  • and the responsible authority is satisfied that the welfare of the child in respect of whom
    the service is needed will be safeguarded and promoted by securing the provision of
    it by means of a direct payment

Direct Payment Support Service

The Direct Payment Support Service (DPSS) team is here to help you if you have chosen to receive a direct payment.

As well as supporting adults and children with direct payments, we also offer support and training for those who work for them as personal assistants (PAs) or carers.

We provide the following services:

  • Employer support, advice and training
  • A list of personal assistant carers on the Norfolk Community Directory
  • Payment services (payroll), where we help you with payments to your employee
  • Training for working PA carers, or those who wish to work as one

For more information about the service, download the DPSS leaflet.