Covid-19 Update

ASD Helping Hands response to the COVID-19 Pandemic

Hello All!

As we are all aware the COVID-19 virus continues to infect more and more with everyday that passes and now 4 confirmed cases in Norfolk.

ASD Helping Hands wishes to safeguard everyone we come in contact with from any type of harm. Many of those we work with or attend our events are or have contact with those that are considered high risk or vulnerable, and we at ASD helping Hands want to prevent the infection of these indidivuals as much as we can.

It is to that end that we are having to make some temporary changes to how we work with and support you.

If you are due to attend any of our training courses/events over the next 2 Months you will recieve an email within the next couple of days, explaining the situation and our plan moving forward.

Listed below are some of the changes that effect the majority of you, please take a moment to read these and if you have any questions please comment below or email us at

Family and Youth Support Groups

– All groups both Youth and Family will be postponed from today (16/03/2020), this will be reviewed on the 01/05/2020

-We encourage you to use the facebook groups/pages to remian in contact with those from the groups, as we understand this will start to become a very lonely and isolating time for some of you:

Facebook groups:

Thetford Family

Norwich Family

Aylsham Family

Dereham Family

Norwich Youth

Family Support service

The Family Support Service will continue to run.

-During this period we will not be attending any home visits or meetings for any reason. You will still be able to put in referrals and contact your allocated support worker via email or phone.

-Please note we are expecting a higher number of referrals during the coming months so the delay in getting back to you may be longer than we would like.

Annual General Meeting (17/03/2020)

– Our Annual General meeting will still go ahead as planned. For those not wishing to attend, you will be able to find the minutes of the meeting on our Governace and Report Page (please allow us 2 weeks to publish the minutes)

SEN Gaming Nights (19/03/2020) (16/04/2020)

Our SEN Gaming night held at Level Up gaming Cafe, Dereham will be cancelled until at least May 2020.

We hope you understand out position and the measure we have put in place to safeguard you, your children and other vulnerable members of our communities. We will be closely monitoring the situation and adapting to how this pandemic evolves and moves forward.

For further information and the latest advice on COVID-19 please visit the Goverment / NHS websites on:

Thank you for your understanding.

Lee Gibbons

Operations Manger

ASD Helping Hands