Supporting You

We have a range of services that are there to support you, whether you are an autistic person (diagnosed or undiagnosed), a family member or a professional.

To find out more please look below:

The Autism Information and Support Service

Our Autism Advisors can offer bespoke advice and guidance based on your family’s needs. This could range from Benefit advice, Educational issues to support and advice around behavioural issues.

Support and Social groups

We offer Support and Social groups for Parents, Children young people and Adults.

No diagnosis is needed to access any of our groups

Resource Booklets

A collection of our Resource Booklets are available for you to download.

Screening Tools and Reports

We are able to carry out a number of screening tools to identify difficulties and suggest strategies.

Currently offering:

  • Sensory profiles
  • SAR-S School refusal
  • EDA-Q Extreme Demand avoidance screening