Let’s get positive!!!

First off all, How are you doing?

I think that’s an important question to begin with, with everything going on from the political side of things, the economy crashing, and schools shut. It is easy to get wrapped up it all and forget to ask that simple question.

Social Isolation is one of the main things we have referrals for through our Family Support Service and we are always encouraging people to reach out and seek support from their communities and attend out groups but what do we do when all that is taken away from us?

Everyone’s mental health is going to take a tumble during these next few weeks but instead of looking at all the negatives that are going on around us we should also concentrate on the positive actions that are emerging. In just a few days there have been over 400,000 applications for the NHS volunteer scheme, teenagers are checking on their elderly neighbours and offering to shop for them to ensure they have the essentials along with all the undocumented acts of kindness. Would that of happened if we weren’t in the situation we are now?

Too often we are stressed at work, worried about time frames/deadlines to meet and juggling school meetings, clubs and after school clubs. This imposed isolation has allowed us to step back from reality and focus on what is truly important in life Family.

Just yesterday I face timed my entire family, consisting of my two sisters and their families, my grandparents in Spain and finally my Mother (after finally answered). Would I have done that before, probably not? And today I have decided not to work but to spend time with my fiancé and son chilling and enjoying our time together. Paperwork, policies and accounts can wait until another day.

Enjoy this uninterrupted time with your family, sure do some schoolwork but also focus on what makes you all happy and keeps your mind at rest. You can’t control what happens, but you can control your actions, remember this.

It is, of course, perfectly fine to feel low, frustrated, stressed out and like you aren’t coping but believe me your doing a great job. There are many things out there to help manage your mental health with many companies and orginisations offering services/tools for free, here are a few bits you might like to have a look at:




“A Guide for Understanding Screen Addictions and Engaging in Responsible Digital Use”

We have also launched out Live chat service, where you can talk directly to one of our volunteers whether you need a rant or just some quick advice.

This is open from 9am-9pm, Monday – Saturday, and all you have to do is go to our website www.asdhelpinghands.org.uk and look for the blue box that says ‘Hi, How are you feeling today?’ You might even be able to see it now, look, just here in the corner. Give it a click and try it out. This is generously Supported by Norfolk Community Foundation through Covid-19 Community Response Fund.

Don’t fancy a one to one chat join us on Saturday Morning for our Virtual Support Group 🙂

Make sure you join our support page to take part.

When times are hard, try to focus on the positives, sure there are lots of people going through something they never thought they would, people are sadly losing their lives and our Health care teams are working day and night, and for that I applaud them, but don’t forget to focus on you once in a while, and don’t forget to ask that simple question, How are you doing?

Stay Safe and Well

My Friends,

Lee Gibbons

Operations Manager

ASD Helping Hands