Are you worried about paying monthly bills?

With the rise of inflation, fuel prices and the current cost of living crisis, it is understandable that many of us are feeling worried or anxious about making it to the end of the month while staying on top of all of our financial obligations.

Just remember you are not alone. Below we have compiled a list of support that you may wish to look into help you during this difficult time.

Broadband and Telephone Costs – Social tariffs

Social tariffs can provide a safety net for eligible households who might be struggling to afford their broadband or phone services.

Visit the Ofcom Website to see if you are entitled to join any of these Social Tarrifss and the eligibility.

Water & sewage charges

Talk to your water provider about getting help if you are finding it hard to pay. They may have another tariff available and can explain how they can help.

Anglian Water 03457 919 155

Other contact options:

Essex & Suffolk Water 0345 782 0111

Other contact options

Food Costs

Community fridges

Community fridges provide business and individuals with the opportunity to share food that otherwise would have been wasted. They are public places where surplus food is shared between people in a community. Anybody can access the community fridge, there is no need to register.

Use the Google map below to find you local community fridge

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Social Supermarket

This is a new way of shopping, offering a wide range of affordable groceries to help people eat healthily. This brings together food that larger supermarkets might not sell, such as items with minimal damage to packaging or past their best before date. The priority is helping the community – not profit.

The Burrell Shop

The Burrell Shop provides good quality, affordable food to everyone on our estate. If you live in the ‘Burrell Ward’ you can become a member. After showing proof of address and paying a one-off joining fee of £3.50 per household, members can buy fresh, frozen, dried and tinned food, alongside toiletries, nappies and personal care items.

Billie Lawler is the shop manager: “Now, more than ever, people in our community are struggling financially. If you have been furloughed and are receiving just 80% of your usual wage, it can be impossible to manage,” she says. “The Burrell Shop will help people stretch their income further to ensure no one goes hungry. The shop stocks a fantastic range of food items and household essentials, and so much more besides. We plan to introduce recipe cards and cooking advice and have lots more ideas to help our local families!”

The shop is open


To find out more contact:

Transport costs

If you get the state pension, have you applied for a concessionary bus pass? If you have a disability, have you checked if you could get a disability bus pass?

Telephone Norfolk County Council customer service centre 0344 8008020 Text Relay 18001 0344 800 8020

If you still need extra help  

You may be able to get help from a charity based on what job you do or have done, if you have a specific health condition, or live in a particular town/village. Some focus on people over/under a particular age.

Turn2us has a grant search tool Norfolk Citizens advice grants directory

Money Support Service – Norfolk County Council

There are many reasons why people struggle with money. It may be a loss of benefits or a job, a relationship breakdown, an increase in living costs or a lack of budgeting skills. We can offer help and advice over the phone, or face-to-face support in your own home if needed.  Phone: 01603 223392 (option 4) Email:

Turn to Us Benefit Calculator

Check that you are receiving all the correct benefits available to you.

Turn to Us Benefit Calculator

For more information on Disability Benefits please visit our Benefit information section

You can download the word document with this information if you prefer.

Download fact sheet here