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Spring 2023 Newsletter

Spring has sprung, and so has our excitement here at ASD Helping Hands!   We can’t wait to share with you all the incredible things we have in store for the coming months. From innovative new programs to partnerships that will knock your socks off, we are ready to make this spring a season of growth …

Are you worried about paying monthly bills?

With the rise of inflation, fuel prices and the current cost of living crisis, it is understandable that many of us are feeling worried or anxious about making it to the end of the month while staying on top of all of our financial obligations. Just remember you are not alone. Below we have compiled …

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! It’s not too early, is it? I have had my tree up since 30th November and I think that should be allowed considering the year we have had. As we look back over 2020 it was one turbulent ride but with light at the end of the tunnel, …

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The Autism Information Service

Good Morning,   I am writing to update you on the offer of support that ASD Helping Hands will provide from the 12/10/2020.   The Family Support service we have offered for the past ten years will change to the “Autism Information and Advice Service”   There have been a number of reasons we have …

Covid-19 update 01/05/2020

Hi Everyone, I hope you are keeping safe in these uncertain times. Back when I first notified you of the changes we are making to our services due to the restrictions in place, I said these would be reviewed at the beginnning of May.

Covid-19 Update

ASD Helping Hands response to the COVID-19 Pandemic Hello All! As we are all aware the COVID-19 virus continues to infect more and more with everyday that passes and now 4 confirmed cases in Norfolk.

Family Support Update

Back in September, we updated how our Family Support service was delivered, with the introduction of the new website and referral system as well as our Family Support Clinics things are running a lot smoother and we are able to see those families we need to support a lot quicker.